©1994-2018 Myles Stawman

Stawman Augments

Stawman Augments is a production company for new performance resistant to easy pigeon­holing.

Arising from the ashes of previous incorporation Psychological Art Circus, Stawman Augments was founded to escape typecast and facilitate the con­tinued development of original work involving PAC artistic director Myles Stawman. The company is currently active as a producer to Stawman's Doctrine and for 1923.webcam by the London & Warsaw collaboration TukaWach.

Stawman Augments is a company ltd by guarantee. Company no.9933297 registered in England & Wales, reg'd office 61a Ravensbourne Rd London SE6 4UT, tel. +44 (0)20 3322 3327.  A member of the Independent Theatre Council.